360° SIMS Smart Inline Measurement Solutions

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Fast, Rich and Actionable Process Control

Hexagon Metrology's extensive worldwide track record in developing and implementing measurement systems for measuring automotive parts and assemblies has resulted in the 360° SIMS (Smart Inline Measurement Solution). These systems comprise a variety of cell configurations for robotic 3D Metrology and process control for automotive plants. From individual components to partially and fully assembled vehicles.

Challenging geometries and assembly features require robust measurement capabilities. Our end-of-line body-in-white gauging cell allows measurement of the body’s exterior and interior areas. Hexagon Metrology 360° SIMS can also be adapted to other measurement tasks in the line, for example underbody measurement and closure measurement. Hexagon Metrology 360° Smart Inline Measurement Solutions are versatile and created for the respective target application and environment.

Surface area measurement technology combined with the 360° SIMS software results in a variety of powerful analysis tools including rich color-maps, visual SPC’s, comparisons, trend charts for large data sets and patent pending video of the day reports. Analysis of measurement results such as surface geometries, edge lines, character lines and cross sections makes it easier for production personnel to understand the main cause of quality issues and quickly resolve them. From production launch, through ramp-up to steady state production monitoring, Automated Solutions by Hexagon Metrology provide an added value insight into the dimensional process control.

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Features & Benefits


  • Reliable Metrology and process control in the line
  • Up to 100% inspection of carbody assemblies, closures, cradles, sheet metal parts and finished cars
  • 24/7 operation
  • Measurement within production cycle time
  • Surface area and critical features inspection
  • Innovative dimensional control strategies
  • Serves as primary measurement system during production
  • Actionable information for faster problem solving


  • More reliable and accurate measurement results measured directly in the line
  • Reduced logistic efforts and process delays
  • More comprehensive measurement including surface color maps, edge lines and cross sections
  • Allows solving assembly problems in shorter times
  • Serves as primary measurement system during production
  • Higher flexibility for measuring multi-products than fixed sensors
  • Users are more autonomous and capable of basic analysis
  • Detailed studies and adaptive inspections during breaks and idle time
  • Results can be stored and managed in a central data server
  • Flexible configurations can be implemented throughout the line for pinpointing problem source at all times
  • Local support from the Global Hexagon Metrology network through local offices



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