CoreView Pro

CoreView Pro is a powerful software product offering easy to use tools for dimensional measurement analysis, reporting and collaboration in engineering and manufacturing organizations. With CoreView Pro, understanding dimensional measurement results becomes intuitive.

CoreView Pro empowers you to leverage the rich dimensional information data produced by Hexagon Metrology White Light Scanner systems to improve quality throughout product development, engineering and production processes. CoreView Pro allows you to extend the shop floor and communicate real-time measurement results to a large community of managers and engineers working throughout the organization.

CoreView Pro offers unique capabilities for remote in-depth dimensional information visualization and analysis on multiple measurement results. It sets a new standard in large data sets measurement information sharing and collaboration. Different departments within the organization, as well as suppliers, can easily access and understand highly detailed and meaningful information and SPC statistics for a large number of parts.

CoreView Pro is also the only product capable of automatically generating a Master Part reference for future measurements based on multiple measurement results.

CoreView Pro is a beneficial tool for engineers and managers involved in various processes and activities such as:

  • Measurement program validation
  • Dimensional data submittals & review
  • Fine-tune and buy-off of tool and dies
  • Production try-out and stability analysis
  • Evaluation of dimensional conformity to design intent
  • Managing part approval for production process
  • Tolerances adjustments and master part creation
  • Part production buy-off
  • Production process monitoring and control