Software for White Light Scanner Systems

The software suite for white light scanning systems is comprized of various products which enhance the benefits of using the scanning platforms. This software suite along with innovative business processes, allows you to seamlessly enable flexible non-contact dimensional gauging.

CoreView Lite

CoreView Lite is used for viewing and collaboration based on common dimensional measurement information in CoreView format. CoreView Lite empowers a large community of users to leverage rich and meaningful dimensional measurement information to improve quality.

CoreView Plan

CoreView Plan is a dedicated software product used for planning, preparing and defining comprehensive dimensional measurement programs in Cognitens systems. Using CoreView Plan the engineer can easily define measurable features, set multiple alignment guidelines, and capture GD&T requirements.

CoreView Pro

CoreView Pro is a powerful software product offering easy to use tools for dimensional measurements analysis, reporting and collaboration in engineering and manufacturing organizations. With CoreView Pro, understanding dimensional measurement results becomes intuitive and with the various viewing.

CoreView Analysis

CoreView Analysis is a Hexagon Metrology software product used for off-line computation of collected dimensional data, post measurement analysis of results and reverse engineering operations. CoreView Analysis allows customers to optimize the use of the Cognitens platform.

CoreView Mapping

CoreView Mapping is a fully integrated software for supporting the scene mapping for the Cognitens WLS400.

CoreView STL

CoreView STL offers a single click generation of high quality STL models based on the Cognitens WLS400.