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Single Touch Interface

PC-DMIS STI+ Operator Setup Single Touch Interface™ (STI+) makes it easy to add custom front ends to PC-DMIS. STI+ allows non-CMM experts to set up and run inspection programs with minimal training, and specifically targets organizations where machine operators and other shop floor staff need to check their work but don’t have time to become CMM experts.

Single Touch Interfaces can be as simple as a single screen that lets an operator launch one of several part programs, or as complex as a system capable of automatically locating a part on the CMM then calling up the appropriate part program to measure it. PC-DMIS STI+ Operator Help

PC-DMIS STI_ Operator Interface The STI+ option has two modules: one to develop the STI+ and the other to execute it. Applications engineers develop Single Touch Interfaces using a “Slide Show” Editor. This is an application, similar to Microsoft’s PowerPoint®, that lets them combine setup instructions, measurement programs, reporting templates, and everything else they need to measure parts into a single, cohesive system.

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