Simplifying a Difficult Job

Deciding how best to inspect gears and interpret the results has long been the province of experts since just figuring out how to orient them properly requires a fair bit of knowledge. PC-DMIS Gear eliminates these complexities and makes it possible for non-experts to begin measuring gears quickly.

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We pride ourselves on taking the time to fully understand the task at hand and then develop software that meets your needs. PC-DMIS Gear leverages the core capabilities of PC-DMIS with the advanced gear measurement algorithms of QUINDOS. QUINDOS is sophisticated metrology software developed by the engineers at Leitz, another Hexagon Metrology company. 

PC-DMIS Gear makes it easy for you to build straightforward inspection programs and define and generate reports. Simply tell the software what to do by filling out a rules-driven form. Next, PC-DMIS Gear lets you setup reports by choosing a set of pre-defined, standard formats. Then, it’s simply a matter of starting the measurement cycle.

Also, reduce the complexity of part alignment and probe qualifications. PC-DMIS Gear, with its combination of forms, wizards and pre-defined routines, makes it possible for non-experts to calibrate probes and define datums with minimum effort.

PC-DMIS Gear supports a wide range of international standards. Users can easily switch among various international standards for evaluating gears. For spur and helical gears, PC-DMIS Gear supports AGMA 2000-A88, DIN 3962, JIS B 1702 and ISO 1328. For spiral and bevel gears it supports AGMA 2009, AGMA 390-03A and DIN 3965.

PC-DMIS Gear is an extremely competitive alternative to dedicated gear measurement equipment. Dedicated gear measurement machines are expensive, and in all but the most demanding circumstances, an investment in them can be overkill. PC-DMIS Gear offers the manufacturers of gears an attractive, flexible alternative by giving them the right tools for the job. 

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