The EMS product suite is a tightly integrated family of software products with one focus: to give you the ability to effectively collect, evaluate, manage and present the information coming from the manufacturing operations.

EMS streamlines metrology processes. It gives you a consistent look and feel across a wide range of measurement devices using a variety of sensors while consolidating multiple data streams. It provides a rich set of capabilities for analyzing data with reports in a range of formats suitable for diverse audiences.

All of EMS's modules work together seamlessly. You have what you need to reduce scrap, improve throughput and to shrink costs creating truly lean manufacturing systems.

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PC-DMIS 2015
PC-DMIS 2015

PC-DMIS 2015 is the latest release of Hexagon Metrology’s world-leading dimensional measurement software package for coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). This updated release delivers many improvements to the user experience, including a redesigned Execution Timer that is more accurate and respects partial execution....

The world’s leading Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) Software with over 30,000 seats in place worldwide. Use its powerful capabilities to measure everything from simple prismatic parts to the most complex aerospace and automotive components.

PC-DMIS Touch is a revolutionary new way to interact with inspection data and coordinate measurement devices. With a full-screen interface, advanced Multi-Touch technology, intuitive inspection routines, and the power of PC-DMIS built in - PC-DMIS Touch is an ideal complement to many measurement applications.

EMSPortablePC-DMIS for Portable Arm
Portable measurement devices have changed the way you monitor your operations, making it possible to take measurements and analyze the results where parts are made and assembled. PC-DMIS Portable provides the tools you need to more effectively monitor operations and identify minor issues before they turn into costly problems.  It is a precise adaptation of PC-DMIS that strips away unneeded functionality without compromising capabilities.

EMSTrackerPC-DMIS for Laser Tracker
PC-DMIS for laser trackers allows you to use one software suite for all Hexagon Measurement devices and virtually any 3rd party sensor. This provides you with the same look and feel across all your inspection solutions, drastically decreasing training costs and making use of your inspection specialists in a much more flexible way.

EMSVisionPC-DMIS for Optical Measurement
PC-DMIS Vision reduces the time spent developing inspection programs by up to 75% and integrates CAD into the measurement process.  It has a sophisticated set of tools crafted to ease the job of developing, debugging and executing measurement programs to meet the unique requirements of vision metrology.

GearThumbPC-DMIS for Gear Measurement
PC-DMIS Gear makes it easy for you to build straightforward inspection programs and define and generate reports. Simply tell the software what to do by filling out a rules-driven form. Next, PC-DMIS Gear lets you setup reports by choosing a set of predefined, standard formats. Then, it’s simply a matter of starting the measurement cycle.

EMSBladePC-DMIS for Blade Measurement
PC-DMIS Blade was developed in partnership with various blade manufactures and is a turnkey solution for the analog scanning of blade sections. The software is a Visual Basic add-on to the basic PC-DMIS package featuring a simple to use GUI which lets you quickly identify parts, select the sections to measure and initiate scanning sequences. Setting up a different blade type is a simple matter of entering a new set of parameters - no additional CMM programming is necessary.

NCThumbPC-DMIS for NC Machine
PC-DMIS NC software products are advanced, in-process metrology systems for CNC machines.They simplify the job of writing inspection routines for NC machines but do not compromise on the sophisticated programming, measurement, evaluation and reporting tools of the baseline product.

EMSDataPageDataPage+ SPC
DataPage+ collects all your measurement data from any EMS suite application as well as import data in a variety of other formats and automatically build a Microsoft SQL Express* database with statistical results. With all data in a single location, large volumes of information gathered from various devices can be displayed in a single graphical report and delivered automatically.