CMM Software

The classic software for coordinate measuring machines is PC-DMIS, the world's leading CMM software. If the situation is more complex, QUINDOS is ideal for measuring software for 3D inspection while Datapage+ excels at statistics for SPC analysis.



DataPage+ is the real-time SPC software that quickly turns raw measurement data into valuable information for monitoring and improving manufacturing processes. Employing a full range of analytical tools and resting upon a robust, scalable database technology, it meets the needs of manufacturing organizations of all sizes.



PC-DMIS is the world’s leading metrology software. It is used across the globe by companies of every size to measure parts of all shapes, sizes and tolerances. PC-DMIS makes it easy to set up and check everything from straightforward, prismatic parts to the most complex contours.

PC-DMIS 2015

PC-DMIS 2015

PC-DMIS incorporates cutting edge updates. With more enhancements and added features, the world's leading metrology software just got better. Use it to measure all your parts no matter their size, shape, complexity level or required tolerances.



QUINDOS is the most powerful analysis tool for many types of coordinate measuring devices. It is ideal for differing applications such as power plant, automotive, aircraft and machine tool powertrain industries.

I++ Simulator CMM Software

I++ Simulator

The I++ Simulator option is a stand-alone software package for the simulation of the complete measuring process. Realistic and comprehensive collision monitoring can only be carried out by visualizing the complete process (machine, sensor, tool changers, tools, fixture and part).