Hexagon Metrology is the largest software developer in the metrology industry. We offer a wide range of standard and individually customizable software packages that deliver intelligent acquisition, analysis, management and presentation of collected data. Hexagon Metrology produces PC-DMIS, the world’s most popular dimensional metrology software package. Learn more about our vast offerings.

t-pc-dmis-ems PC-DMIS Touch t-pc-dmis-cmm


Enterprise Metrology Software is the world's most popular metrology software package. 


PC-DMIS Touch is a revolutionary new way to interact with inspection data.

Software for CMMs

Solutions from classic metrology software to complex inspection and SPC analysis.

t-reshaper t-pc-dmis-laser-tracker t-pc-dmis-vision

Software for Laser Scanners

PC-DMIS Reshaper is ideal for ROMER arms laser scanning and CMM applications.

Software for Laser Tracker Systems

PC-DMIS Portable for Laser Trackers enables one software suite for all PC-DMIS devices.

Software for Multisensor & Optical Systems

PC-DMIS Vision can integrate CAD directly into the measuring process.

t-pc-dmis-nc t-pc-dmis-portable t-DOCS

Software for 'On Machine Tool' Inspection

Use CNC probes to make on-machine metrology an integral part of your process.

Software for Portable Measuring Arms

PC-DMIS Portable brings powerful metrology tools to the shop floor. 

Software for Tube Inspection

TubeShaper is the most advanced tube measurement software Hexagon Metrology has ever produced.


Software for White Light Scanner Systems

The software for white light scanning systems enhances the benefits of scanning platforms.