Hexagon Metrology, Inc.



Hexagon Metrology is the largest software developer in the metrology industry. We offer a wide range of standard and individually customizable software packages that deliver intelligent acquisition, analysis, management and presentation of collected data. Hexagon Metrology produces PC-DMIS, the world’s most popular dimensional metrology software package. Learn more about our vast offerings:



PC-DMIS Enterprise Metrology Software is the world's most popular metrology software package. With tens of thousands of licenses in use worldwide, PC-DMIS EMS likely has a module for your unique application.



PC-DMIS Touch is a revolutionary new way to interact with inspection data and measurement devices. With a full screen interface, advanced Multi Touch technology, intuitive inspection routines, and the power of PC-DMIS built in, Touch is ideal for everyone.


Software for CMMs

The classic software product for coordinate measuring machines is PC-DMIS, the world's leading CMM software. If the application is more complex, QUINDOS is the ideal measuring software for dimensional inspection, while DataPage+ is the right choice for statistics and SPC analysis.


Software for Laser Scanners

PC-DMIS Reshaper for laser scanner applications is ideal for ROMER arms laser scanning CMM applications. A complete 3D point-cloud processing software allows you to rapidly handle generated point clouds files and obtain high-quality 3D meshes.


Software for Laser Tracker Systems

PC-DMIS Portable for Laser Trackers is part of the PC-DMIS software suite – the leader in global 3D inspection with tens of thousands of licenses sold. PC-DMIS allows you to use one software suite for all Hexagon Measurement devices and virtually any third-party sensor.


Software for Multisensor & Optical Systems

PC-DMIS Vision's measuring program is specially designed for use in combination with optical and multisensor measuring systems. The software integrates CAD directly into the measuring process.


Software for 'On Machine Tool' Inspection

PC-DMIS NC® brings the proven technologies of PC-DMIS to on-machine part setup and validation. Now you can take full advantage of CNC probes by making on-machine metrology an integral part of your advanced manufacturing and quality assurance systems.


Software for Portable Measuring Arms

PC-DMIS Portable brings powerful metrology tools to the shop floor. It’s now possible to do more sophisticated analysis of manufacturing results where parts are made and assembled - long before they get to the quality lab.


Software for Tube Inspection

ROMER DOCS is the premier CAD-based tube inspection software. It can inspect metallic and non-metallic wire, tubing and piping used in almost any industry - automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, medical, machinery, appliance and more. DOCS can also produce corrected bend data for CNC tube benders.


Software for White Light Scanner Systems

The software suite for white light scanning systems is comprised of various products which enhance the benefits of using the scanning platforms. The suite along with innovative business processes, allow you to fully take advantage of flexible non-contact 3D inspections.