Hexagon Metrology, Inc.


tesastar-prModular Probe Changer  For Use with TESASTAR-mp Touch-Trigger Probe

The TESASTAR-pr is a passive autochange rack for styli holding modules. It is available in 2, 4 or 6 docking port configurations. It allows the automatic change of TESASTAR-mp modules without the need for requalification while protecting contact surfaces from airborne contaminants within the working environment.

The TESASTAR-pr is available in two different heights - 90mm and 150mm. Alternatively, for systems requiring both the sensor change and the stylus holding module change, the TESASTAR-pr modules may be integrated into the TESASTAR-r autochange rack.

Part Number 150 mm Version 90 mm Version (Low Version)
TESASTAR-pr 2 Docking Ports 03939180 03939185
TESASTAR-pr 4 Docking Ports 03939181 03939186
TESASTAR-pr 6 Docking Ports 03939182 03939187
Additional 2 Docking Ports 03939190 03939190

TESASTAR-pr Dimensions