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Leica T-Scan


Leica T-Scan is a high-speed hand scanner for large-volume portable applications. It provides better performance on challenging material types and offers double the point acquisition rate compared to the previous generations.

The T-Scan's Flying Dot technology is the only truly automated scanning solution. The laser power automatically adjusts to obtain the best measurement result of a specific surface type. It adapts the laser intensity to shiny metallic or dark surfaces in one scan pass. Powdering is not required and the technology is impervious to changing environmental light – which reduces preparation time to the absolute minimum.



  • PowerLock: The laser beam moves to the user, not the other way around
  • Measurement volume of up to 30 m 
  • Benefit from up to 25% improved total system specifications by combining the Leica T-Scan with the Leica Absolute Tracker AT901
  • Higher performance on dark or shiny surfaces and up to 20% less noise through optimized laser optics
  • Unique flying dot technology scans a much wider range of black and shiny surfaces than other technologies without the need for developer
  • Doubled data acquisition rate of 20 kHz: Scan large surfaces in half the time compared to the previous Leica T-Scan generation
  • By cutting the minimal point to point distance in half features and contours can be captured and extracted more precisely
  • No need for special developers or powdering
  • “Instant Temperature Compensation” for measurements in almost any environment
  • Operator feedback with intuitive LED pattern for accurate information about optimal scanning distance
  • Class 2 eye-safe laser
  • Measuring depth: 78 mm (3.07")
  • Scan width: 90 mm (3.50")
  • Mean measuring distance: 86 mm (3.39")



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Technical Specifications
Measurement volume  
Maximum 18 m (AT901 mid-range)
  30 m (AT901 long-range)
Horizontal 360°
Vertical ±45° 
Acceptance Angle  
Pitch ±45 °
Yaw ±45 °
Roll 360°
Measuring and tracking performance  
Tracking speed - all directions > 1m/s (˜3.3 ft/s)
Acceleration - all directions 1 g
Leica T-Scan sensor  
Measuring depth 78 mm (3.07")
Mean scan width 90 mm (3.54")
Mean measuring distance 86 mm (3.39")
Line frequency up to 140 lines/second
Point density 0.07 mm - 0.98 mm (0.0028" - 0.039")
Accuracy ±20 µm
Laser Safety IEC 60825-1; 1993+A1
  1997 + A2: 2001, class 2
Working temperature +16°C to +24°C (61°F to 75°F)
Storage temperature -10°C to +60 °C (14 °F to 140 °F)
Relative humidity 10 - 90% non-condensing
Weight 1,200 g (˜2.6 lbs)


Leica Absolute Tracker and PCMM specs

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