Hexagon Metrology, Inc.

Probes for Laser Trackers

Get more flexibility for your laser tracker. Leica T Products are off-the-shelf solutions designed to work with the AT901 to improve inspections in difficult to reach areas.

Leica T-Mac
The Leica T-Mac (Tracker-Machine control sensor) is the next-generation 6DoF tracking device for automated applications.

Leica T-Probe
The Leica T-Probe is the “Walk-Around” wireless device for probing hidden, hard-to-reach points. Minimal setup times offer a ten-fold increase in point acquisition rate.

Leica T-Scan
The Leica T-Scan is a high-speed hand scanner for large-volume portable applications. This third-generation unit is more accurate, provides better performance on challenging materials and has double the point acquisition rate compared to the previous generations.