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TESASTAR TKJ/M8 Thread Extensions

Thread Extensions for TKJ/M8 Probes 

The TESASTAR TKJ and M8 thread extensions, available in three different lengths, are suitable for all touch-trigger probes with M8 thread mount.

The TESASTAR Kinematic Joint allows fast and repeatable probe changes in automatic mode when combined with the TESASTAR-r autochange rack or manually by using a kinematic joint key.

Part No.


TESASTAR TKJ/M8 31 mm: 03969365
TESASTAR TKJ/M8 140 mm: 03969366
TESASTAR TKJ/M8 300 mm: 03969367


    Technical Characteristics
    Description Material L (mm) Weight (g)
    TESASTAR TKJ/M8 31 mm Extension Aluminum & Stainless Steel 33 64
    TESASTAR TKJ/M8 140 mm Extension Aluminum & Stainless Steel 142 84
    TESASTAR TKJ/M8 300 mm Extension Aluminum & Stainless Steel 302 121

    TESASTARTKJ-M8 Thread Extensions Dimensions