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TESASTAR M8/M8 Extensions

M8 Thread Extensions

The TESASTAR M8/M8 extensions have an M8 thread at both ends. They allow optimum accessibility to the part and are available in three lengths. These extensions can be mounted on TESASTAR-i M8, TESASTAR-m M8 or TESASTAR TKJ/M8 extensions.

Part No.TESASTAR-M8-M8 Extensions

  • TESASTAR M8/M8 50 mm: 03969065
  • TESASTAR M8/M8 100 mm: 03969066
  • TESASTAR M8/M8 200 mm: 03969067


Technical Characteristics
Description Material L Weight
TESASTAR M8/M8 Full Kit: (mm) (g)
TESASTAR M8/M8 50 mm Extension Aluminum 50 23
TESASTAR M8/M8 100 mm Extension Aluminum 100 55
TESASTAR M8/M8 200 mm Extension Aluminum  200 85

TESASTAR M8-M8 Extension Dimensions