Hexagon Metrology, Inc.

Probe Extensions

TESASTAR adapters and extensions provide the ultimate flexibility for your coordinate measuring device.

TESASTAR TKJ Extensions ThumbnailTESASTAR TKJ Extensions - Equipped with a TESASTAR Kinematic Joint (TKJ) on both ends, the extensions are designed for long reach and access to deep part features. They allow fast and repeatable automatic changes using a kinematic joint key or TESASTAR-r autochange rack.



TESASTAR TKJ/M8 Thread Extensions ThumbnailTESASTAR TKJ/M8 Thread Extensions - TESASTAR TKJ and M8 thread extensions come in three different lengths and are suitable for all touch-trigger probes with M8 thread mount. The TESASTAR Kinematic Joint allows fast and repeatable probes change using a kinematic joint key or TESASTAR-r autochange rack.



TESASTAR-M8-M8 Extentions ThumbnailTESASTAR M8/M8 Extensions - The extensions have an M8 thread at both ends and can be mounted on TESASTAR-i M8, TESASTAR-m M8, TESASTAR TKJ/M8 extensions.