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CMM-Ve Vision Sensor

cmm-ve vision sensor for CMMsVision Inspection for Your CMM

CMM-Ve is the vision sensor for CMMs. The high-resolution camera gives measurement performance that a tactile probe alone literally can‘t touch. Mounted directly on an articulating head such as a TESASTAR-m TKJ, the sensor can be rotated to any position desired in order to inspect 2D features using the onboard camera. This setup effectively replicates the functions of a vision system with a tilt-rotary table.   

The sensor, which can be mounted on a Global Performance or Global Advantage CMM, is ideally suited for a wide range of parts with features that require non-contact measurement. It provides LED overhead illumination of the feature being inspected and has integral software controlled light intensity using PC-DMIS Vision.

The CMM-Ve is compatible with TESASTAR-r autochange rack which allows automatic sensor exchange with other types of scanning or touch probes without change of machine setup. The CMM-Ve is an ideal inspection companion for a wide variety of parts including formed or stamped sheet metal, molded plastic, EDM holes and other features where touch probe access to certain features is inconvenient or impossible. The flexible combination of vision sensing and tactile sensing on the same system offers the best combination of a vision system and a CMM, particularly when the part size exceeds the capacity of typical vision systems.

Part No.

  • CMM-Ve complete set: CMMV-et

Technical Characteristics

Technical Characteristics
Field of View (FOV) 6 mm x 5 mm Approx.
(On the Workpiece Being Inspected)
  Area: >27 mm2
Optical Magnification Image at the CCD is 75% of FOV (On the Workpiece)
Object to Camera Stand-Off 75 mm
LED Illuminators  
Illumination Oblique and Targeted at the Optical Plane Center
Type High Intensity (Green for Optimum Reflection)
Number 12 Arranged in 2 Patterns
Inner LED Pattern 4 Radially Spaced at 90° at 0° Inclination
Outer LED Pattern 8 Radially Spaced at 45° and at 16° Inclination
  (The Spacing of the 8 is Also Staggered Radially 22.5° to the 4 LED Pattern)
Selective Illumination All or Adjacent Groups


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