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Machine Tool Probes

Machine Tool Probing

Machine tool probing solutions from Hexagon Metrology measure workpieces on milling machines, machining centers, lathes, turning/milling machines, grinding machines, special machines and robots. Both in small businesses and in middle or large-scale production, workpieces are not only aligned, but geometries are inspected while still on the machine.

Machine tool probes facilitate daily work, reduce manufacturing time and costs and increase the capabilities of modern machines. Probe types include Infrared touch probes, radio touch probes and tool setters along with the necessary software and applications support. This product line was formerly known as m&h.

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Infrared Probes

m&h Machine Tool Probe

State of the art probes for demanding applications.

Touch trigger probes send a trigger signal to the receiver by infrared light once the stylus deflects. HDR (High Data Rate) technology avoids interference caused by ambient light. To accomplish this, 75 Hz transmission frequency, which is different from worldwide line frequencies of 50 Hz or 60 Hz, is used. Also, an extremely high data rate of 9600 light pulses/sec prevents interference from pulsing machine lamps. All probes are available with adjustable transmitting power and large transmitting angles.

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Radio Wave Probes

m&h probe measuring

Durability to insure continued performance.

Touch trigger probes send a trigger signal to the receiver by radio wave once the stylus deflects. The radio waves are then converted to an electrical signal sent to the control. Radio transmission occurs in the 433 MHz frequency band which provides particularly high penetration. Sixty four (64) channels can be easily adjusted on the digital display both on the probe and the receiver. The patented SCS (Self Channel Select) technology of the microprocessor controlled receiver responds to interference signals by continuously checking the environment. The receiver will block corrupted frequencies from further use and will suggest the best alternative frequency.

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Production Probing Systems

Rugged. Sturdy. Perfect.

Production probes are able to withstand constant vibration, increased temperatures and contact with coolant. They fit several application possibilities on tool grinding machines, cylindrical grinding machines, rotary transfer machines and special measuring tasks. An IP 68 rating allows the probes to be extremely water and dust resistant – ideal for the shop floor environment.

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Tool Setters

Guarantee accurate tooling for constant production quality.

Tool Setters detect length and radius of the tools on the machine. The data is automatically transferred to the tool table of the control. Periodic checks for broken tools or wear maintain production accuracy. A variety of tool setters, from laser to infrared to radio wave, are available to fit any application. The durable, stainless steel construction and sophisticated laser technology guarantee dependable results in any production scenario. Simple mounting, rapid alignment, and easy maintenance ensure that the tool setter is always ready to use when you need it.

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