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CMS106 Laser Line Sensor

CMS SensorLaser Line Scanning Probe

The CMS106 is a laser line scanning probe with two unique features:

  • three level zoom offering a 25, 60 or 120 mm laser line
  • automatic, real-time laser power adjustment

The CMS106 is a high accuracy, non-contact laser scanner. It is available for bridge and horizontal arm coordinate measuring machines. The probe offers fast and accurate non-contact inspection of free form surfaces and sheet metal features. It is ideal for reverse engineering applications where data accuracy and integrity is of the upmost importance.

Part No.

  • CMS106 system (TKJ): 03939500
  • Warming post for TESASTAR-r: 03939507
  • Manual warm-up post (TKJ): 03939508
  • Set of 4 TKJ Angular Adapters: 03969394

Technical Characteristics

Technical Characteristics
Laser Visible Red, Class 2, 690 nm
Standoff and Depth of FOV 170 ± 30 mm
Width of FOV 25, 60, 120 mm User Selectable
Resolution (Min)
(Point Spacing Along Laser Line)
25 µm
Line per Second 53 Hz
Accuracy* ±20 µm
System Accuracy (ISO 10360-2 Ball Bar) From 40 µm MPEsd
Ambient Light Immunity 40,000 LX
Operating Temperature Range 10 ˜ 42° C
Temperature Range of Sensor  15 ˜ 32° C
for Declared Accuracy  
Operating Temperature of Controller Max. 50° C
Sensor Size L x W x H 134 x 72 x 60.5 mm
Sensor Weight 382 g

* The sensor accuracy is defined as the maximum deviation of the X or Y center location of a cylinder through the measuring range of the sensor.


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