Laser Scanners / Non-Contact Measurement

Optical probes expand the possible applications of a coordinate measuring machine. They are always used when the issue is the exact inspection, with the aid of light or lasers, of delicate parts that do not permit contacting measurement. These parts include, among other items, easily deformable components or circuit boards.

The HP-L Laser Scanner accurately captures millions of points within seconds. The resulting point cloud can then be used to create a CAD model to reproduce, redesign, inspect or archive the part.

The HP-C-VE vision probe is compatible with a series of Hexagon Metrology coordinate measuring machines; this probe uses a two-dimensional CCD sensor.


HP-L Laser Scanning Sensor

The HP-L laser scanning sensor provides many benefits for metrology in a complete and powerful turnkey package via rapid point-cloud capture, including: Feature inspection to CAD (Thin walled / sheet metal parts), free form surface inspection to CAD and reverse engineering. The probe is available on Hexagon Metrology GLOBAL, ALPHA, DELTA, LAMBDA & BRAVO CMMs, allowing for fully automated system operation.


Leitz Precitec LR

The Leitz Precitec LR (Lateral Resolution) sensor is especially suited for non-contact measurement of heavily inclined, sensitive, reflective, refractive, shiny or transparent surfaces.


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