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TESASTAR Touch Trigger ProbeTESASTAR Touch-Trigger Probe
TESASTAR-rp Dimensions

TESASTAR-rp is a robust and accurate touch-trigger probe that can be mounted on many kinds of coordinate measuring systems such as bridge, gantry, horizontal arms, manual or CNC, portable devices and robots.

This probe has been designed to operate in even the most demanding industrial environments. Optimized accuracy is ensured through an adjustable trigger force according to the chosen stylus configuration.

Part No.

Technical Characteristics
Measuring Directions ±X, ±Y, +Z
Stylus Force 0.11 N to 0.30 N
Repeatability 1D
(2 sigma)*
0.35 µm
Probe Mounting M8
Stylus Mounting M3
Overtravel X/Y: ±22.0°, Z: 5.5 mm (with 0.11 N), 2.0 mm (with 0.30 N)
Probe Extensions

L = 300 mm max. using the TESASTAR-m probe head

Stylus Length up to 100 mm
Probe Weight 43 g

* Stylus Length 21 mm; 0.12 N; 8 mm/s