Hexagon Metrology, Inc.


TESASTAR-pTouch-Trigger Probes For Manual or Motorized Probe Heads

The TESASTAR-p is a compact and light, 5-way, kinematic touch-trigger probe. The probe shafts are made of steel and tungsten-carbide, fitted with an M8 threaded connection. It is available in four versions that have the same size but different trigger forces. The probe is compatible with a wide range of accessories and is suitable for manual and DCC CMMs.

Part No.

Technical Characteristics
Pretravel Variation ±0.8 µm
Overtravel X/Y: ±16°, Z: 5 mm
Measuring Directions ±X, ±Y, +Z
Probe Mounting M8
Stylus Mounting M2
Max. Styli Length See TESASTAR-mp Diagram
Weight 9.5 g
Trigger Force

Repeatability 1D
(2 Sigma)*

TESASTAR-p Low Force (Red) 0.055 N at 10 mm 0.35 µm
TESASTAR-p Standard Force (Yellow) 0.08 N at 10 mm 0.35 µm
TESASTAR-p Medium Force (Green) 0.10 N at 25 mm 0.5 µm
TESASTAR-p Extended Force (Blue) 0.10 N at 50 mm 0.65 µm

* Probe stylus: L=10 mm; position A=0 B=0; probing speed 8 mm/s.

TESASTAR-p Dimensions