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TESASTAR-mp StyliTouch Trigger Probe with Stylus Module Changing

TESASTAR-mp is a 5-way kinematic touch trigger probe that consists of two parts: the sensor body and the stylus holding module. The sensor body is not affected by magnetic fields. It can be fitted to any probe head featuring a M8 connection.

The stylus holding modules can be quickly changed in manual or automatic mode without the need for requalification through a highly accurate and repeatable magnetic isostatic clamping system.

The stylus holding module houses the kinematic switching touch sensor mechanism. It is available in four versions that have the same size but different trigger forces.

Part No.

Different kits are available with different probe configurations.


TESASTAR-mp Styli Dimensions


Technical Characteristics
Overtravel X/Y: ± 16°, Z: 5mm
Measuring Direction ±X, ±Y, +Z
Probe Mounting M8
Stylus Mounting M2
Max. Styli Length See Diagram
Module Weight 11g
Probe Body Weight 13.6g
Trigger Force

Repeatability 1D
(2 Sigma)*

TESASTAR-mp Low Force (Red) X/Y 0.055N 0.35 µm
TESASTAR-mp Standard Force (Yellow) X/Y 0.08N 0.35 µm
TESASTAR-p Medium Force (Green) X/Y 0.10N 0.5 µm
TESASTAR-p Extended Force (Blue) X/Y 0.10N 0.65 µm

* Stylus Length 10 mm, 8 mm/s


TESASTAR-mp kits
LF Module SF Module MF Module EF Module TESASTAR-mp body TESASTAR-pr
03939170US  03939171US 03939172US 03939173US  03939174US 03939182
03939210US 2 1
03939211US 1 1
03939212US 1 1
03939213US 1
03939214US 1 1
03939215US 1
03939221US 1 1 1 1