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HH-MI probeManual Indexable Probe Head For Coordinate Measuring Machines

The HH-MI features repeatable and programmable indexing positions coupled with a high-precision, integrated, touch-trigger probe. The indexing capability in 15° increments in both axes allows the stylus to swivel through 168 positions without the need for recalibration. Indexing between positions is an easy, one-handed operation; tactile and visual feedback lets you know when the probe is ready to measure.


TESASTAR-i Dimensions

Technical Characteristics
Angular Rotation A: 0° to 90°, B: ±180°
Increments 15°
Total Number of Positions 168
Position Repeatability 1.5 µm
Probe Repeatability 1D
(2 Sigma)*
0.35 µm
Adjustable Trigger Force 0.1 to 0.3 N
Overtravel X/Y = ±20°, Z = +6 mm
Measuring Directions ±X, ±Y, +Z
Axis Clamping Manual, By Two Buttons on the Probe Head

* Stylus Length 21 mm; 0.12 N; 8 mm/s

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