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TESASTAR Probe Head dimensions

Articulated Probe Head with Touch-Trigger

Articulated probe head which can be manually rotated to an infinite number of non repeatable angular positions. The built-in, compact, touch-trigger probe features a kinematic user adjustable trigger force and high degree of overtravel. It’s the ideal tool for use on small and manual CMMs.

Part No.

  • TESASTAR (D5P - Ø 9.5 mm): 03939020
Technical Characteristics
Probe Repeatability 1D (2 Sigma)* 0.75 ?m
Adjustable Trigger Force 0.1 to 0.3 N
Overtravel X/Y = ± 20°, Z = + 6 mm
Measuring Directions ± X, ± Y, + Z

* stylus length 21 mm; 0.12 N; 8 mm/s