CMM Touch Trigger Probes

Touch Trigger ProbesHexagon Metrology manufactures touch trigger probes for fast and repeatable 3D measurements. They feature long life, accuracy, ease of use, comparatively low cost and excellent access to difficult to reach measuring points. The touch trigger probes are available in four versions with measuring forces ranging between 0.055 N and 0.10 N. Their M8 threaded connections permit direct assembly with nearly all existing manual and motorized measuring heads.


HP-T Probe

The HP-T is a small module with an integrated omnidirectional ball probe. In automatic changing mode it is fitted with a kinematic adapter and mounted on the modular changing rack HR-R. Available in four versions with different trigger forces (low, standard, medium, extended).


HP-TM Probe

The HP-TM touch trigger probe consists of two main parts, i.e. the mounting module and the probe body. Both parts are put together by means of a magnetic coupling system ensuring a repositioning repeatable to 0.1 µm while allowing manual or automatic probe changing with no need for recurrent qualification.


HP-T-RP Probe

The HP-T-RP is a rugged and accurate touch trigger probe that can be mounted on many kinds of coordinate measuring systems such as bridge, gantry, horizontal arms, manual or CNC, portable devices and even robots.


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