Hexagon Metrology, Inc.

Touch Trigger Probes

TESASTAR's touch-trigger probes are robust and highly accurate.  They are available either with or without stylus module changing.


HH-T Probe HeadHH-T Probe Head - Articulated probe head that can be manually rotated to an infinite number of non-repeatable angular positions.  The compact touch-trigger probe is ideal for small coordinate measuring machines.





TESASTAR-i Probe Head ThumbnailTESASTAR-i Manual Indexing Probe Head- Repeatable indexing coupled with a high-precision touch-trigger probe.  Indexing between positions is an easy, one-handed operation with tactile and visual feedback letting you know the probe is ready.



TESASTAR-i M8 ThumbnailTESASTAR-i M8 Manual Indexing Probe Head - Similar capabilities as the TESASTAR-i without the built-in probe.  The M8 threaded connection allows you the flexibility to mount touch-trigger probes and extentions with M8 thread.



TESASTAR-p ThumbnailTESASTAR-p Probe Without Module Changing - A compact, 5-ways, touch-trigger probe made of steel and tungsten-carbide and fitted with an M8 threaded connection. The probe is available in four versions of the same size but different trigger forces.



TESASTAR-rp ThumbnailTESASTAR-rp Probe Without Module Changing - A trigger probe with the flexibility to mount to many types of coordinate measuring machines such as bridge, gantry, horizontal arms, manual or CNC portable devices and robots. Designed to operate in the most hostile industrial environments, its adjustable trigger force ensures optimum accuracy.



TESASTAR-mp-US ThumbnailTESASTAR-mp Probe With Module Changing - This trigger probe consists of two parts: the sensor body and the stylus holding module. Able to connect using an M8 connection, the probe features stylus holding modules that can be changed manually or automatically without the need for requalification.