Hexagon Metrology, Inc.

LSP-X5 Probe Head

lsp-x5 probe head3D Analog Scanning Probe Head

LSP-X5 is a fixed high accuracy 3D analog scanning probe head. The probe features an effective anti-collision system and can accept probe extensions up to 500 mm in length in vertical and horizontal orientations. LSP-X5 is capable of Single Point Probing, Self Centering and continuous High-Speed-Scanning for profile and shape error inspection of complex geometric parts (e.g. cylinder gears, worm gears, turbine blades, worm screws, etc.).

The probe trigger position is measured using high resolution linear variable differential transducers (LVDT) allowing accurate compensation for the stylus deflection even when long styli configurations are used. The LVDT technology provides the capability of simultaneous and unclamped probing in all axes, always orthogonal to the contact surface. As an option, a built-in workpiece temperature sensor (WTS) is available. It allows automatic workpiece temperature reading during part program execution.

Part No.

lsp-x5 probe dimensions

Technical Characteristics
Direction Center mounted
Probe interface Leitz dovetail connector
Dimensions Ø 84 x 191 mm
Weight 1,080 g
Resolution < 0.1 ?m
Measuring range 1 mm in X, Y and Z
Deflection range ± 1 mm in all axes
Linear stiffness 5 N/mm
Stylus joint  M5
Max. stylus weight 500 g
Max. stylus length 500 mm
Anti-crash system Standard
Styli weight counterbalance
Air supply 0.5 MPa
Part temperature sensor Optional