Hexagon Metrology, Inc.

LSP-X3c Probe Head

LSP-X3 probe head

The LSP-X3c is a fixed analog scanning probe head. It can carry up to a 360 mm long stylus in vertical and horizontal orientations. The LSP-X3c offers effective Single Point Probing in all standard metrology tasks as well as continuous High-Speed-Scanning for form and profile inspection of complex geometric elements (cylinder gears, worm gears, turbine blades, worm screws etc.).

Probe trigger force is measured by high resolution linear variable differential transducers (LVDT) allowing the correct compensation for stylus deflection (even when long stylus configurations are used) and to automatically measure in a direction orthogonal to the part.

Part No.


Technical Characteristics
Probe head type Analog
Direction Center Mounted
Probe interface Leitz dovetail connector
Dimensions Ø 64 x 89 mm
Weight 270 g
Resolution < 0.1 ?m
Measuring range ± 1 mm in X, Y and Z
Overtravel range ± 1.25 mm in all axes
Linear stiffness 5 N/mm
Stylus joint M5
Max. stylus weight 150 g
Max. stylus length 360 mm