Hexagon Metrology, Inc.

LSP-X1s, LSP-X1m Probes

LSP-x1 ProbeCompact High Accuracy ProbesLSP-X1 probes dimensions

LSP-X1 is a compact, high accuracy and high performance 3D analog scanning probe that can rapidly collect thousands of data points providing a precise evaluation of part features, including form, location and size. LSP-X1 probes provide simultaneous and unclamped probing in all axes, always orthogonal to the contact surface.

The probe supports Single Point Probing, Continuous and High-Speed Scanning and Self-Centering modes. Self-Centering mode is particularly useful for measuring gears. The probe design uses friction, torsion and hysteresis free spring parallelograms for each axis while probing deflections are measured via high resolution Linear Variable Differential Transducers (LVDT).

LSP-X1 is available in two configurations: LSP-X1s and LSP-X1m, each characterized by different styli carrying length. The TESASTAR Kinematic Joint allows fast automatic probe changes using the TESASTAR-r autochange rack. Kinematic stylus holders allow fast and repeatable stylus change using the LSP-X1 stylus changer rack or the stylus changer ports for TESASTAR-r.

Part No.

  • LSP-X1s Probe Head: M00-114-006-000
  • LSP-X1m Probe Head: M00-114-007-000


Technical Characteristics
Probe Weight Analog
Probe interface TKJ (TESASTAR Kinematic Joint)
Dimensions Ø 30 x 109 mm
Weight 100 g
Resolution < 0.1 ?m
Measuring range ± 2 mm in X, Y and Z
Deflection range ± 2 mm in all axes
Linear stiffness LSP-X1s 1.2 N/mm
LSP-X1m 0.6 N/mm
Stylus joint M3
Max. stylus weight 20 g (incl. stylus holder)
Max. stylus length LSP-X1s 20-115 mm
LSP-X1m 120-200 mm