Hexagon Metrology, Inc.

CMM Scanning Probes

Hexagon Metrology’s comprehensive range of scanning probe heads represents the latest evolution in probing technology. They enhance CMM performance and functionality. All key components are engineered, manufactured and assembled by Hexagon Metrology and are designed to work together as an integrated product line for maximum application flexibility.

See which scanning probing system best fits your application:


The LSP-X1c supports all standard probing modes like Single Point Probing, Self-Centering as well as Continuous High-Speed-Scanning.

LSP-X1s, LSP-X1m

The LSP-X1 scanning probe head offers the accuracy characteristics of fixed heads but can also be fitted to a TESASTAR-m motorized indexable head capable of both point to point and continuous scanning.


The LSP-X1h offers the benefits of both the LSP-X1m and the LSP-X1s in one probe.


A compact, cost-effective yet extremely accurate, 3D scanning probe head that can carry up to 360 mm long extensions and styli clusters.


Ultra-precise, full 3D, fixed scanning head capable of simultaneously measuring in the X, Y and Z axes to precisely define the orientation of the work piece.


With horizontal probe extensions up to 800 mm lengths, the continuous high-speed scanning probe head LSP-S2 allows the measurement of features deep inside a work piece. It is ideal for long styli.


With horizontal probe extensions of up to 800 mm length, the continuous high-speed scanning probe head LSP-S4 has an automatic weight balance system that can carry styli configurations of up to 1,000 g.