Hexagon Metrology, Inc.


TESASTAR-m TKJKinematic Joint Motorized Probe Head

The TESASTAR-m is a motorized indexing probe head featuring high speed rotation and high torque. This probe head features a TESASTAR Kinematic Joint (TKJ) which is a multiwire connection allowing the support of multiple types of sensors. The TKJ can be changed manually or automatically with the TESASTAR-r autochange rack without the need for requalification.

TESASTAR-m is available in 2 different versions with a 5° indexing increment and A axis offset capable of 3,024 positions or 7.5° indexing increment capable of 720 positions.

Part No.

  • TESASTAR-m 5° TKJ (without cable and shank): 03939050
  • TESASTAR-m 7.5° TKJ (without cable and shank): 03939360

    TESASTAR-m-TKJ-7.5 Dimensions TESASTAR-m TKJ 5 Dimensions


    Technical Characteristics
    Angular Rotation Step 7.5°
    A Axis +90° to -115° 0° to +105°
    B Axis ±180°
    Total Number of Positions 3,024 720
    Rotation Speed 90° in 2 s
    Positioning Repeatability 0.5µm
    Weight 770 g 780 g
    Extension Max. Length 300 mm
    Head Mounting Shank-Mounted
    Probe Mounting TKJ Multiwire
    Head Controller TESASTAR-e or TESASTAR-ae (with TESASTAR-r Autochange Rack)