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LSP-S2 Probe Head

LSP-S23D Analog High Speed Scanning Probe Head

LSP-S2 is a high accuracy 3D analog, high speed scanning probe head. The probe is designed to carry styli configurations of 800 mm in length in vertical and horizontal orientations. Its integrated automatic weight balance system provides the capability to carry styli configurations of up to 1,000 g.

Probing deflections are measured via high resolution Linear Variable Differential Transducers (LVDT).

The LSP-S2 supports all the standard probing modes such as: single point probing, self-centering and continuous high-speed-scanning for fast and accurate form and profile measurements. Like other Leitz probe heads, the LSP-S2 provides simultaneous and unclamped probing in all axes, always orthogonal to the surface.

Part No.

Configurations and Accessories

Part No.

  • Mechanical Adapter: M00-153-160-011
  • Stylus Holder: M00-813-101-000
  • Styli Changer Port: M00-153-285-000

Styli changer rack to be ordered in accordance with coordinate measuring machine


Technical Characteristics
Probe Head Type Linear Analog Measuring in X, Y and Z
Dimension Inside Quill 195 mm
Dimension Outside Quill 144 mm
Probe Weight 1673 g
Mounting Mechanical Adapter
Air Supply 5.0 MPa
Measurement Range ±1 mm in X, Y and Z
Overtravel Range ±4.5 mm in all Axes
Probing Force 0.1 to 1.2 N Continuously Selectable
Scanning Force 0.3 N
Collision Protection Integrated Mechanical Joint
Output Signal Analog Proportional
Stiffness 8 N/mm
Stylus Joint M5 Thread
Max. Styli Weight 1000 g (Including Styli Holder)
Max. Styli Length Up to 800 mm
Auto Styli Change Rack Optional
Styli Weight Balance Automatic Balance After Each Styli Change