Hexagon Metrology, Inc.

Probing Systems & Styli

Use our variety of probes and styli for all portable and stationary measuring systems.

For coordinate measuring machines, the range is a complete offering of touch probes, manual and motorized probe heads, analog scanning probes, change racks, extensions and styli.

For portable systems select from hard probes, touch probes, infrared tube probes, laser line scanner systems and machine control sensors.

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 pss-probes-laser-scanner2  HP-L  pss-probe-head

Probes for Laser Trackers

Get more flexibility from your Leica laser tracker. Use T-Mac, T-Scan or T-Probe equipment to fine tune inspections and alignments of your over-sized parts.

Laser Scanners

Non-contact metrology provides several advantages when high throughput is your top priority. Use these systems for reverse engineering and form measurement.

CMM Probe Heads

Search our line of touch probes, manual and motorized probes, and analog scanning probes.

 Extensions for Probe Heads  pss-machine-tool-probing  pss-scanning-probes

Probe Extensions

Extend the reach of your probes to inspect hard to reach features on your parts.

Machine Tool Probing

CMM Scanning Probes

Combine the accuracy of touch with the high throughput of scanning. Use these probes to speed inspections without losing precision.

 pss-cmm-styli  pss-tool-changer  pss-touch-trigger-probes

CMM Styli

Search our selections of Leitz and TESA styli.

CMM Tool Changers

Perform fast and repeatable exchanges of probes, extensions, and styli combinations on the CMM measuring head.

CMM Touch Trigger Probes

Use these options for accurate touch point probing.

Also, be sure to visit our online store for a wide selection of probes, styli and other accessories for your metrology equipment.