Probing Systems & Styli

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SensorsHexagon Metrology’s comprehensive range of probe heads, probes, probe changers and accessories for coordinate measuring machines represents the latest evolution in probing technology for coordinate measuring.

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It includes a broad array of standard equipment precisely designed and built to achieve fast and accurate measurement. The Hexagon Metrology probing systems enhance CMM performance and functionality.


CMM Probe Heads

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The probe head forms the heart of every coordinate measuring machine. Combined with a probe, it generates the measurement data during inspection cycles. Manual heads for touch trigger probes provide excellent basic capabilities. The automatic probe heads extend that capability with a kinematic joint for the coupling of scanning probes and laser scanners. Our continuous wrists offer servo wrist flexibility, where styli can be aligned in any direction.


CMM Touch Trigger Probes

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Hexagon Metrology manufactures touch trigger probes for fast and repeatable 3D measurements. They feature long life, accuracy, ease of use, comparatively low cost and excellent access to difficult to reach measuring points. The touch trigger probes are available in four versions with measuring forces ranging between 0.055 N and 0.10 N. Their M8 threaded connections permit direct assembly with nearly all existing manual and motorized measuring heads.


CMM Scanning Probes

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Scanning at its best - this is what users can expect with the Hexagon Metrology scanning probes. With both the smallest of these probes, the HP-S-X1 series, and the larger versions, the HP-SX3 series and the HP-S-X5, you can perform fast, accurate contour and shape measurements as well as all standard measurements including discrete scanning, self-centering measuring and continuous highspeed scanning. Fast and precise measurements with highly accurate sensors – that’s what the 3D Scanning Probes of the HP-S-X series are made for.


HP-LCMM Laser Scanners / Non-Contact Sensors

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Optical probes expand the possible applications of a coordinate measuring machine. They are always used when the issue is the exact inspection, with the aid of light or lasers, of delicate parts that do not permit contacting measurement. These parts include, among other items, easily deformable components or circuit boards.


CMM Tool Changers / CMM Probe Changers and Racks

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Hexagon Metrology‘s range of automatic changers performs fast and repeatable exchanges of probe, extension and stylus combinations on the CMM measuring head. Automatic Changers are available for all Hexagon Metrology sensors and probes.


CMM Styli & Accessories

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Hexagon Metrology offers a wide variety of cmm stylus a probe extension products  to increase  measuring range and flexibility. Touch trigger probe styli is available in a variety of materials, to fully suit any application. Types include: Disc styli, stylus extensions, star styli, hemispherical styli, cylinder styli, parallel styli, adapters, articulations and crosspieces. Scanning probes offer the ultimate in precision, but only when paired with the best styli and accessories. Hexagon metrology offers a wide range of styli and accessories for scanning probe applications. Whatever type of styli is needed, from ceramic, tungsten carbide or carbon f ber shafts with ruby, silicon or diamond tips, turn to Hexagon Metrology.


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