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RS2 Integrated Scanner

ROMER-RS2-scannerFaster Inspection for Your ROMER Arm

The RS2 Integrated Scanner is 66% faster than previous versions. Plus, with the addition of the FP3 wireless feature pack and hot swapable batteries, you can scan wirelessly at the same rate.

The RS2 is factory calibrated and certified to B89.4.22 as a complete unit with the ROMER 7 axis arm.

The RS2 requires no warm up time while the arm requires no homing procedures.  This enables the operator to start scanning in just moments.  Scanning control and batteries are incorporated into a feature pack making the unit self contained.  Automatic probe recognition allows the operator to go from scanner to ball probes without additional calibration.

Use the RS2 Integrated Scanner for all your inspection and reverse engineering needs in the automotive, aerospace, medical, rail, and energy production industries.

Technical Characteristics

Technical Characteristics
Max. Point Acquisition Rate 50,000 Points/s
Points per Line 1000
Line Rate 50 Hz
Line Width 53mm - 110mm
Stand Off 150mm ± 50mm
Point Spacing (Min) 0.040 mm
Laser Power Control Semi-Automatic - per Line
Accuracy (2 Sigma) 30 µm
Weight 340g
Controller Feature Pack
Laser Safety Class 2M
Working Temperature 5° - 40° C (41° - 104° F)


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