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CMS108 Laser Line Scanner

CMS108scannerHigh Accuracy Inspection for Your ROMER Arm

CMS108 is the high precision flying dot laser scanner capable of accuracies to 20 microns. It's perfect for reverse engineering and inspection applications that have tight tolerances.

Flying dot technology allows the scanner to rapidly detect changes in color and surfaces via their reflectivity.  Traditionally difficult to scan materials, including shiny, colored, and mirrored surfaces, don't need manual exposure adjustments.  The laser scanner can transition from matte to shiny features automatically without operator intervention or making exposure adjustments. 

With a unique "zoom" feature that offers 3 different user selectable line widths (24mm / 60 mm /124mm) while keeping a 2,000 point per line density, the CMS108 is able to effectively perform inspection routines on small intricate areas as well as large surfaces.  This makes it ideal for users in the automotive, aerospace, medical, rail, and energy production industries.  

CMS108 is available on Absolute SE arms or Infinite 2.0 SC arms.

Technical Characteristics


Technical Characteristics
Point Acquisition Rate 30,000 Points/s
Points per Line Max. 2000
Line Frequency Max. 53 Hz
Scan Width (Mid) 124 mm/ 60mm/ 24mm
Stand Off 180 mm ± 40mm
Point Spacing Min. 0.025 mm
Laser Power Control Automatic (per Point)
Accuracy (2 sigma) 20 µm
Weight 398 g / 14 oz
External Controller Yes
Laser Safety  Class 2
Working Temperature 10° - 42° C (50° - 108° F)


ROMER CMS108 FactsheetClick here to download the CMS108 Brochure


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