Portable Measuring Arms

Portable measuring arms allow you measure on the machine or shop floor. They feature no homing procedures, simplicity of operation and reliable 3D measurements. Articulated arms can be equipped with different length probes and scan heads to measure even difficult-to-access points either optically or by touch.

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ROMER Absolute Arm

Absolute encoders "know" their positions at all times - when the arm's turned on, it’s ready.

ROMER Absolute Arm with integrated scanner

Use for 3D digitizing, modeling, point cloud inspections or reverse engineering.

ROMER Absolute Arm with external scanner

Designed for the high performance laser scanner HP-L-20.8.

PC-DMIS Touch with ROMER ROMER 1.2m Absolute Arm t-tube-inspection

ROMER Absolute Arm with PC-DMIS Touch

PC-DMIS Touch is a revolutionary new way to interact with inspection data.

ROMER Absolute Arm 1.2m

The Absolute Arm 1.2m is a portable, precision CMM with a 1.2 m measuring volume.

ROMER Tube Inspection System

A cost-effective solution for non-contact precision measurement of tubes. 


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ROMER Laser Scanners

These systems are ideal for applications where rapid collection of many data points is needed.

LOK Products

ROMER LOK Technology is our patented solution to eliminate "leapfrogging" error.

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