Chromatic White Light (CWS)

The chromatic white light sensor (CWS) is based on the confocal measurement principle and works using chromatic depth scanning. This technique uses a special lens that refracts white light differentially, depending on its wavelength, to measure distances. The system resolution depends on the intensity of the light reflected from the surface of the inspected part.

The CWS achieves high measuring dynamics with highly reflective objects as well as light-absorbing objects.It is ideal for digitizing all freeform surfaces, measuring the thickness of glass or lenses and for capturing the topology of microstructures.

The CWS achieves a vertical resolution of up to 10 nm and a scanning rate of up to 1000 points per second.


Technical Characteristics
CWS Measuring Head 10 mm 3 mm 600 µm 300 µm
Working distance 75 mm 22.5mm 6.5 mm 4.5 mm
Resolution in Z direction 300 nm 100 nm 20 nm 10 nm
Diameter of CWS spot 25 µm 12 µm 4 µm 5 µm