Multisensor & Optical Systems

Flexibility is the a key issue for multisensor technology. That means having the freedom of choice between contact and optical measurement in one measuring system for all inspection features on a workpiece.

For materials sensitive to touch, the solution is optical measuring systems. They measure non-destructively and accurately. Thanks to a versatile range of optical measuring systems, we have the right solution for every measuring task.

optiv-classic optiv-performance optiv-reference
Optiv Classic
The Classic Line is the easy way of getting started in optical and 3D multisensor metrology.
Optiv Performance
Make the Performance line the first choice for measuring both smaller and larger parts.
Optiv Reference
The Reference line provides high precision 3D inspection with tight production tolerances.
  Sensors for Optiv
Carry out a wide range of measuring tasks on a part using the sensor most suitable for each.