Leica T-Probe



The Leica T-Probe is a “Walk-Around” armless wireless device to probe hidden, hard-to-reach points. It offers a ten-fold increase in point acquisition rate while maintaining the highest precision.

The T-probe is small, light, user-friendly, and more accurate than any other hand-held probe in the world, the Leica T-Probe gives you more than 6 Degrees of Freedom: It gives you the right way to measure. Now featuring longer styli, Leica T-Probe reaches up to 60 m (196 ft) in any dimension.

The Leica T-Probe is compatible with the Leica Absolute Tracker AT960.



  • PowerLock: For the first time in the history of laser trackers, the laser beam moves to the user, not the other way around.
  • Smaller, lighter and more convenient than comparable solutions
  • Largest armless operation measurement volume of up to 60 m (196 ft)
  • Wider acceptance angle: pitch ±45°, yaw ±45°, roll 360°
  • Battery-powered for wireless operation and increased productivity
  • Extended battery life with flexible “sleep” mode
  • Automated probe identification reduces operator errors
  • User-asignable multi-function buttons for individual application functionality of all buttons
  • One-hand operation with left/right-hand functionality
  • Renishaw-compatible with a wide range of styli available, incl. 100 mm, 200 mm and longer
  • Visual feedback for battery, in-view and in-distance status and for process information
  • Acoustic process information feedback
  • Insensitive to environmental light
  • Point rate output of 1,000 points per second
  • Tracking speed > 1 m/s
  • Precise quick release and automated stylus recognition for exchanging styli without calibration


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Technical Specifications
Measurement uncertainty of 3D Point (MPE) 100 µm if under 7 m (0.004” if < 23 ft)
  30 µm + 10 µm/m if > 7 m (0.0012” + 0.00012”/ft if greater than 23 ft)
Measurement uncertainty of spatial length (MPE) ±60 µm if < 8.5 m (±0.0024” if < 27.9 ft) 
  ±7 µm/m if > 8.5 m (±0.00008”/ft if > 27.9 ft)
Measurement uncertainty of sphere radius (MPE) ± 20 µm + 2 µm/m (± 0.0008” + 0.00002”/ft)
Measurement Volume 20 m (AT960 mid range)
  40 m (AT960 long range)
  60 m (AT960 extended range)
Horizontal 360°
Vertical ±145 °
Acceptance Angle  
Pitch ±45 °
Yaw ±45 °
Roll 360°
Measuring and tracking performance  
Measuring rate output 1,000 points/second
Tracking speed - all directions > 1m/s (˜3.3 ft/s)
Acceleration - all directions 1 g
Weight 670g (with standard tip & battery)


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