Laser Tracker Systems

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Often imitated but never surpassed, Leica Geosystems Laser Trackers have been the leader in laser tracking technology since the beginning. These portable coordinate measuring machines have enabled companies around the world in automotive, aerospace and other industries that build large-scale products to deliver innovative designs, achieve unheard-of tolerances, substantially lower manufacturing costs and increase productivity well beyond their expectations. Six Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) technologies including hand held probes, laser scanners, and tracking devices allows expansion of capability and even automation of the laser tracker system, opening up an enormous number of additional possibilities. 

Leica AT960 leica at930 t-lecia at401
Leica Absolute Tracker AT960
The Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 is an all-in one dynamic laser tracker with six degrees of freedom capability built-in.
Leica Absolute Tracker AT930
The Leica Absolute Tracker AT930 is a high precision laser tracker with dynamic measurement capability.
Leica Absolute Tracker AT402
The Leica Absolute Tracker AT402 allows extreme precision over ultra large distances.
t-lecia bprobe t-lecia tprobe
Lecia T-Scan 5
Leica B-Probe
The Leica B-Probe is a handheld probing device made for the Leica Absolute Tracker AT402.
Leica T-Probe
The Leica T-Probe is a “walk-around” wireless device to probe hard-to-reach points compatible with 6 degrees of freedom laser trackers.
Leica T-Scan 5
Our most dynamic laser scanner: 15 times faster than the prior generation. Compatible with 6 degrees of freedom laser trackers.
t-lecia tmac
Lecia T-Scan TS50-A
Leica T-Mac
The Leica T-Mac is a 6DoF tracking device for automated applications including robot and machine tracking and guidance.
 Leica T-Scan TS50-A
A high-speed scanner for metallic or dark surfaces which captures both in one scan.