Leica TDRA6000

Leica TDRA6000 Total StationCost-efficient large scale measurement with absolute reliability – industrial total stations by Leica Geosystems (a Hexagon company) meet the highest standards even under the toughest conditions. The extreme measurement volume of over 500 meters makes a total station the first choice for the inspection and assembly of large components. Industrial theodolites have long since been the standard in the optical compensation of satellites and navigation systems. Open-system architecture makes the development of user-specific software a convenient option. The non-contact, autocollimation function provides industrial theodolites from Hexagon Metrology with a legendary degree of precision.

The Leica TDRA6000 introduces new and improved technology. With direct drive technology, reflectorless measurements and a typical 3D point accuracy of 0.25 mm at 35 meters, this generation of Laser Station incorporates Leica Geosystems’ experience developing industrial laser stations.

The Leica TDRA6000 is the most accurate total station ever designed for industrial use. It has the ability to automatically target CCR (corner cube reflectors) and tape targets, or even measure without targets, maintaining a typical reflectorless accuracy of 1 mm. Optimized for use within 300 meters and combined with the PowerSearch module, the tracking performance is simply unbeatable.

Based on Piezo technology, the direct drives enable high speed motorization and acceleration but still allow sub micron level fine positioning. This technology has very low power consumption, requires almost no maintenance and is near silent.

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  • TDRA6000 Motorized Industrial Total Station
  • Dual face industrial keyboard
  • 2 axes compensator
  • Motor controlled slow motion drives for Hz and V settings
  • User manual
  • Upright container
  • Producer inspection certificate M (angle) 
  • One year preventative maintenance check-up
  • Unlimited remedial maintenance including parts (1 year)


Equipment Options

  • Tribrachs
  • Tripods & stands
  • Data storage and transfer supplies
  • Data transfer cables
  • Targets
  • Scale bar

Power Supplies

  • Internal battery
  • External battery
  • T-Link interface
  • Power cables
  • Battery chargers

Misc parts and accessories

  • Accessory set
  • Special reflectors and holders
  • Roller alignment fixture
  • Filters
  • Autocollimation accessories
  • On-site training


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Technical Specifications
Power search performance 1.5" RRR & BRR
Max Volume 100 m
Min Distance 2.0 m
Postioning Time <5 seconds  
Telescope magnification 30x
Focusing range 1.7 m to infinity
Operating temperature -20° to +50° C
 Dust/Water IP54 (IEC 60529)
Humidity 95% non-condensing
ATR Performance
  1.5" RRR & BRR 0.5" TBR & RFP Reflective Tape
 Max. Volume 600 m 400 m   40 m
 Min. Distance 2.0 m 2.0 m  5.0 m
Accuracy (MPE) ± 0.3 mm + 13 µm/m N/A ± 2.0 mm



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