Hexagon Metrology, Inc.



Cost-efficient measurement with absolute reliability – industrial theodolites and laser stations meet the highest standards even under tough conditions. The extreme measurement volume of over 500 meters makes a total station the first choice for the inspection and assembly of large components. Industrial theodolites have long since been the standard in the optical compensation of satellites and navigation systems. Open-system architecture makes the development of user-specific software a convenient option. The non-contact, autocollimation function provides industrial theodolites from Hexagon Metrology with a legendary degree of precision.

TM6100A Leica TM6100A
The Leica TM6100A uses Piezo direct drive technology. These motorized drives offer the stability of manual drives, the flexibility of fully automated motorized drives and still allow for submicron level fine positioning. The fine positioning drives on the Leica TM6100A have been repositioned to help make measuring in difficult situations easier.
TDRA6000 Leica TDRA6000
The Leica TDRA6000 is the most accurate total station designed for industrial shop floor or outdoor use without the need for reflectors. This makes it ideal for large fabrications and structures where the placing of targets or reflectors is difficult.