Leitz Reference HP

Leitz Reference HPThe Leitz Reference HP (High Precision)is a bridge-type CMM and gear inspection center with movable portal - the ideal machine in its class for complex measuring tasks. It combines high accuracy with optimum throughput and is available in various sizes. Equipped with the LSP probe system, the Leitz Reference can accomplish inspection tasks in single-point probing and high-speed-scanning mode.

The accuracy of the measuring results and its universal applicability are based on the 3D probe system. During every operation, it measures the surface of the part in the X, Y and Z directions simultaneously and automatically in the direction of the surface normal. Measuring without clamping the axes – this means that the probing system is positioned perpendicular to the surface of the part – the actual direction of the surface normal is determined for every measuring point. The deflection of the stylus can be calculated and compensated.

The Leitz Reference HP is not only a coordinate measuring machine. It can also be used as a gear inspection center in combination with the QUINDOS software. Over 30 packages such as gears, bevel gears, worms, worm wheels, step gears, scroll and screw compressors are available.

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Standard Package

  • Reference HP High Accuracy Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • B4s Controller with Advanced Microprocessor Electronics
  • Operator Console with Speed Control
  • Leitz LSP-S2 Scanning Probe Head
  • Stylus Holder
  • Standard Styli Kit
  • 30 mm Ceramic Qualification Sphere
  • Standard Clamping Kit
  • Workpiece Temperature Sensor
  • Training for one of the following:
    • Basic QUINDOS 7(2 students for 5 days)
    • Advanced QUINDOS 7(2 students for 5 days)
    • Basic PC-DMIS CAD++ (2 students for 5 days)
    • Advanced PC-DMIS CAD++ (2 students for 4 days)
  • On-site Performance Verification
  • Installation
  • System Warranty with Telephone Applications Support, One (1) Year


Probing Options and Accessories:

  • LSP-S2 Automatic Styli Change Rack (for select CMM sizes)
  • Additional Positions for Automatic Styli Change Rack
  • Additional Stylus Holder
  • Styli Holder with Fixed Cube
  • Additional LSP-S2 Stylus Kit (M5)
  • Additional LSP-S2 Styli of various lengths

Software Options:

  • Quindos Gear Packages
  • Quindos Worm Packages
  • Quindos Misc. Geometries Packages
  • Quindos Statistic Packages
  • PC-DMIS CAD++ Packages
  • PC-DMIS Blade
  • Datapage+ Packages

Technical Information

Design features

  • Moving portal with patented TRICISION™ technology
  • High resolution steel scales by Heidenhain, with automatic temperature compensation
  • Granite table with integrated dovetail guideways
  • Guiding systems with pre-stressed air bearings
  • Leitz 3D probe system, suitable for stylus extensions up to 800 mm
  • Optional: automatic styli changer


  • Allowable Temperature Range: 19 - 21 °C 

Performance Data

  • Hexagon Metrology tests and evaluates Leitz CMM products using the ASME B89 and ISO 10360 standards.
  • Click the inquiry tab to request performance information on the Leitz Reference.


The Leitz Referenc HP is available in the following sizes:

  • 5.4.3
  • 10.7.6
  • 15.9.7
  • 20.9.7
  • 22.12.9
  • 30.12.9
  • 45.12.9


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