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4.5.4 SF

Hexagon Metrology 4.5.4 SF

Quality Insight at the Point of Production

The Hexagon Metrology 4.5.4 SF coordinate measuring machine excels in tough shop-floor conditions, drawing its inspiration from over fifteen years of shop floor machine production experience and thousands of units in the field worldwide. It is designed from the ground up to surpass the demanding requirements of shop floor users.

Enhancements to its design include optional programmable status lighting on the z-axis to signal the machines' progress throughout the measurement routine. An etched granite base defines the measurement envelope in the x and y axes.  Workspace LED lighting illuminates the parts being inspected in poorly lit environments. An optional monitor and keyboard arm (shown here) increase its mobility.

This rugged CMM is ideal for machine shops and manufacturing cells - featuring advanced thermal compensation, covered ways, built-in vibration resistance, and a shop-hardened design.

Its most notable feature is its flexibility. The Hexagon Metrology 4.5.4 SF uses standard 110/220 volt outlets with no need for shop air. Its compact footprint and roll-around stand, specifically designed to fit through a standard door, lets you easily move the SF series anywhere in the shop where precise dimensional inspection is required.

Economical to own and operate, with low up-front cost and simple maintenance, the Hexagon Metrology 4.5.4 SF could be the easiest CMM you've ever owned.

Plug it in and start measuring!

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*Formally Brown & Sharpe 4.5.4 SF or Sheffield 4.5.4 SF



Standard Package

  • Hexagon Metrology 4.5.4 SF Shop Floor CMM
  • UMP360 Control System
  • Temperature Compensation
  • TESASTAR Touch Trigger Probe and Stylus Kit
  • Calibration Sphere
  • Computer System and Touch Screen LCD Monitor
  • PC-DMIS PRO Measurement Software
  • Installation and On-site Performance Verification
  • PC-DMIS PRO Software Training (1 person for 5 days at Hexagon Metrology, Inc.)
  • On-line User's and Software Manuals
  • One (1) Year System Warranty with Telephone Applications Support


Probing Options

  • TESASTAR-i Manual Indexable Probe
  • TESASTAR-i-m8 Manual Indexable Probe Head
  • TESASTAR-m or TESASTAR-m-m8 Motorized Probe Head
  • TESASTAR-mp Touch Probe
  • MH20 Manual Probe
  • MH20i Manual Probe
  • PH10T or PH10M Automatic Wrist with TP20 Probe
  • Hand Control Unit for PH10 Wrist
  • Styli Kits
  • Stylus Changer Racks

Software Options

  • PC-DMIS Touch
  • Upgrade to PC-DMIS CAD or CAD++ with AutoPath bundle
  • Display CAD Option for PCDMIS PRO
  • PC-DMIS Sheet Metal Option (available with PRO and CAD)
  • PC-DMIS Direct CAD Interfaces (DCIs)
  • PC-DMIS Direct CAD Translators (DCTs)
  • PC-DMIS CAD or CAD++ Offline
  • PC-DMIS DataPage+ SPC

Machine Options

  • Status message lighting
  • Printers
  • Monitor and keyboard arm
  • Computer Upgrades

Technical Information

Design features

  • No air supply needed.
  • Durable, low maintenance, sealed recirculating ball bearings.
  • Highly reliable skewed bearing drive system
  • Hardened steel machine tool linear guides enhance precision, reliability and durability.
  • Small footprint fits any shop floor configuration.
  • Integrated LED workspace lighting
  • Scales and reader heads mounted in inverted position to protect against shop-borne contaminants.
  • Bellows covers protect critical components from shop floor contaminants.


  • Designed for the Shop Floor
  • Accuracy performance stated for any temperature in the range 15-40° C (59-104°F)

Performance Data

  • Hexagon Metrology tests and evaluates CMM products using the American standard ASME B89 and international standard, ISO 10360-2, and ISO 10360-4.
  • Click  the inquiry tab to request performance information on the Hexagon Metrology 4.5.4 SF.


The Hexagon Metrology 4.5.4 SF is available in the following size:

  • 4.5.4


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