Global eXtra

Global eXtraThe DEA GLOBAL® eXtra has been designed to meet the dimensional inspection requirements of sheet metal, plastic, glass, and similarly dimensioned components within shop floor environments. DEA Global eXtra CMMs are produced by Hexagon Metrology SpA and branded DEA.

The DEA GLOBAL® eXtra meets shop floor criterion by employing bellows covers protection from airborne contamination, forced air circulation under the work table to moderate temperature variations, and geometric temperature compensation to compensate for the effects of wider temperature conditions on the CMM structure.

The proven Tricision bridge structure provides superior dynamic and metrological performance. The machine design easily adapts to automated material handling systems. For added flexibility, DEA GLOBAL® eXtra also offers compatibility with the DEA CW43L continuous rotary wrist as well as the FIVE U-nique flexible fixturing system.

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Standard Package

  • DEA GLOBAL® eXtra Base Machine
  • GLOBAL Control System
  • Multisensor Structural Thermal Compensation with Part Sensor
  • Monolithic Isostatic Steel Base Plate
  • Bellows and Covers on X and Y Axis Guideways
  • Probe Head
  • Touch Trigger Probe
  • Probe Extension Kit (50mm, 100mm, 200mm)
  • Probe Styli Kit
  • Computer System, Printer, Monitor Table / Workstation
  • DataPage/RT Statistical Software
  • Installation and On-site Performance Verification
  • On-line User's and Maintenance Manuals
  • PC-DMIS CAD++ Software Training, Level 1 & 2
  • One (1) Year System Warranty with Telephone Applications Support


Probing Options

  • SP25 Scanning Probe
  • SP600 Scanning Probe
  • CW43L Continuous Rotary Head
  • Tool Changers
  • Stylus Changer
  • Probe Extensions
  • Additional TP20 Stylus Modules
  • Hand Control Unit
  • ACR1 Tool Changer Rack
  • MCR20 Stylus Changer Rack
  • Laser Scanning Sensor
  • NC100-RS Vision Sensor

Software Options

  • PC-DMIS Direct CAD Interfaces
  • Data View Software
  • PC-DMIS Offline, when ordered with a new machine
  • One Set Hard Copy User and Maintenance Manuals

Environmental Options

  • Refrigerated Air Dryer
  • Active Vibration Isolation System
  • Site Vibration Survey
  • Air Conditioned Cabinet for Computer and Control

Machine Options

  • Many options available, please inquire

Technical Information

Design features

  • Larger measuring ranges and wider daylights.
  • Rigid, lightweight vertical Z-axis ram.
  • Structural temperature compensation.
  • Protection bellows on the X and Y axis.
  • High-resolution Aurodur scales.


  • Ambient Temperature: 15-30°C (59-86° F)

Performance Data

  • Hexagon Metrology tests and evaluates CMM products using the American standard ASME B89 and international standard, ISO 10360-2, and ISO 10360-4.
  • Click the inquiry tab to request performance information on the DEA Global eXtra.


The DEA Global eXtra is available in the following sizes:

  • 20.33.15
  • 20.40.15
  • 20.33.18
  • 20.40.18


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