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Alpha Classic CMM

The DEA Alpha is an innovative product line of cost-effective and multi-sensor gantry CMMs. These medium-capacity machines, feature high throughput and high accuracy thus increasing reliability and minimizing maintenance. Available in two configurations, Alpha Classic and Alpha Performance.

Alpha Status CMM

DEA Alpha Classic is an all-purpose flexible CMM perfect for dimensional inspection of large castings and machined parts. Equipped with a 3D scanning laser head and continuous servo wrist to achieve high-productivity and throughput. Speedy collection of millions of data points from the most complex contoured shapes makes it an ideal system for die and mold manufacturing support.

All DEA Alpha models can be supplied with optional bellows and covers, increasing machine protection from airborne shop contaminants.

Standard Package

  • DEA Alpha Classic Gantry Machine
  • Control System
  • Probe Head
  • Touch Trigger Probe
  • Probe Styli Kit
  • Calibration Sphere
  • Computer System, Printer, Monitor, Table/Workstation
  • PC-DMIS CAD++ Software for Windows
  • DataPage R/T Statistical Software
  • PC-DMIS CAD++ Software Training
  • PC-DMIC CAD Software Training
  • Project Management for Review of Foundation Requirements
  • On-line User's and Maintenance Manuals
  • Installation and On-Site Performance Verification
  • On-line User's and Maintenance Manuals
  • PC-DMIS CAD++ Software Training
  • Scanning Probe Ready


Probing Options

  • All Renishaw products are available for order through Brown & Sharpe.
  • TP200
  • SP600
  • SP25M Probing System
  • CW43L
  • Hand Control Unit (for the PH10 probe head)

Software Options

  • Direct CAD Interfaces
  • Data View Software
  • PC-DMIS CAD++ Offline (when ordered with a new machine)

Environmental Options

  • Refrigerated Air Dryer
  • Bellows Covers Kit
  • Foundation Hardware Kits
  • Active Vibration Isolation System
  • Temperature Compensation

Machine Options

  • Many options available, please inquire

Technical Information

Design features

  • Patented, ultra rigid Slant Bridge® Technology main carriage
  • Carriage design minimizes inertia of moving parts while maintaining maximum structural rigidity
  • Dual AURODUR scales and dual high resolution (0.1mm) readers
  • High stiffness aluminum Z column
  • Easy access to workpiece
  • High throughput, accuracy and reliability


  • Nominal Temperature: 20 °C ±2°C (68 °F ± 3.6 °F)

Performance Data

  • Hexagon Metrology tests and evaluates CMM products using the American standard ASME B89 and international standard, ISO 10360-2, and ISO 10360-4.
  • Click the inquiry tab to request performance information on the DEA Alpha Classic.


The DEA Alpha Classic is available in the following sizes:

  • 20.33.10
  • 20.33.15
  • 20.50.15
  • 25.33.15
  • 25.50.15
  • 25.33.18
  • 25.50.18
  • Custom sizes are available


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