CMMs - Large

The largest stationary gantry- and bridge-type 3D coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) deliver colossal performance. The high-accuracy robust CMMs can act as a standalone system or as a station in a production cell. The large CMMs are used for three-dimensional measurements of large components and assemblies in the aerospace, defense, ship building and power generation industries. 

Global eXtra CMMsLarge-Alpha CMMsLarge-Delta Slant


The GLOBAL eXtra is ideal for the production environment to access hard-to-reach features.

DEA Alpha

The DEA Alpha is an all-purpose CMM for the inspection of large castings and machined parts.

DEA Delta Slant

This line of gantry CMMs excels in the high-accuracy inspection of large machined parts.

CMMsLarge-Lambda Slant CMMsLarge-Leitz PMM-F CMMsLarge-Leitz PMM-G

DEA Lambda Slant

The DEA Lambda is an extremely large CMM designed for industrial environments.

Leitz PMM-F

Designed to inspect medium-sized parts and gears, Leitz PMM-F features ultra-high accuracy.

Leitz PMM-G

The Leitz PMM-G provides high accuracy and enhanced throughput for large workpieces.