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DEA Mercury CMMThe DEA MERCURY horizontal-arm CMM line is designed to provide maximum flexibility and suitability to a variety of applications. It is available in both manual and automatic versions, as well as in single, double and even multiple-arm configurations. The combination of performance and affordability makes MERCURY the ideal solution for any budget requirement.

All DEA MERCURY models are available as either single or dual arm configurations. In addition, DEA MERCURY R models can be configured as a multiple arm CMM. This configuration enables implementation of different multi-role or task-specific working areas, ideal for research and styling centers.

A wide range of probes and accessories is available, starting from basic scribing tool kits to the full comprehensive range of Hexagon Metrology probing technology for touch-trigger measurement. In addition, non-contact sensors for fast digitizing and inspection are also available.

Standard Package

  • DEA Mercury Single Arm Base Machine with Integral Cast Iron Measuring Plate
  • Control System
  • Probe Head PH10M
  • TP6
  • Lightweight Extension Kit (50-, 100-, and 200 mm)
  • Styli Kit
  • Calibration Sphere
  • Computer System, Monitor, Printer, Table/Workstation
  • DataPage R/T Statistical Process Control Software
  • Installation and On-site Performance Verification
  • On-line User's and Maintenance Manuals
  • PC-DMIS PRO Software Training
  • Scanning probe ready


Probing Options

  • CW43L-mw Multi-Axis Continuous Rotary Head
  • Analog Scanning Sensor
  • Metris Laser Scanning Sensor

Software Options

  • Upgrade from PCDMIS PRO to PC-DMIS CAD++
  • PC-DMIS Offline Packages, if ordered with a new machine:
    • PC-DMIS CAD Offline
    • PC-DMIS CAD++ Offline
  • DCC Scanning Option (available with PRO and CAD)
  • Display CAD Option
  • PCDMIS Sheet Metal Option (available with PRO and CAD)
  • Upgrade to PC-DMIS CAD Software
  • Direct CAD Interfaces (DCIs)

Environmental Options

  • Refrigerated Air Dryer
  • Bellows Covers Kit

Machine Options

  • Disengageable Drives
  • Worktable Threaded Holes
  • Worktable T Slots, 3 Total

Technical Information

Design features

  • Open architecture design allows complete access and facilitates effortless material handling.
  • Worktable support system eliminates the need for costly foundations.
  • Rugged construction is combined with a built-in linear thermal compensation system for reliable operation within production environments.


  • Nominal Temperature: 20 °C ± 4.0 °C (68 °F ±7.2 °F)

Performance Data

  • Hexagon Metrology tests and evaluates CMM products using the American standard ASME B89 and international standard, ISO 10360-2, and ISO 10360-4.
  • Click the inquiry tab to request performance information on the DEA Mercury. 


The DEA Mercury is available in the following sizes:

  • 25.14.16
  • 25.14.21
  • 25.14.25
  • 25.14.30
  • 25.16.16
  • 25.16.21
  • 25.16.25
  • 25.16.30
  • 25.18.16
  • 25.18.21
  • 25.18.25
  • 25.18.30
  • 25.20.16
  • 25.20.21
  • 25.20.25
  • 25.20.30

DEA MERCURY is available as single, dual and multiple-arm configuration.


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