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CMMs - Horizontal Arm

r-CMMs Horizontal Arm

The advantages of a horizontal arm coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) are particularly apparent when inspecting sheet metal parts in the automotive, aerospace, ship, defense, machinery and railway industries. Their open structure permits direct access to the workpiece which significantly eases loading and unloading.

Horizontal CMMs can also be integrated in an automated production line such as automotive body-in-white.

t-toro DEA TORO
The DEA TORO is an innovative line of automatic horizontal arm measuring machines for dimensional inspection of sheet metal components and large size parts. TORO features an extraordinary price/performance ratio and is available in the Runway structure with the main guideway fixed to the floor.
t-mercury DEA MERCURY
The DEA MERCURY horizontal arm CMM line is designed to provide maximum flexibility and suitability to a variety of applications, MERCURY is available in both manual and automatic versions, as well as in single, double and even multiple-arm configurations. The combination of performance and affordability makes MERCURY the ideal solution for any budget requirement.
t--bravo DEA BRAVO
The BRAVO HA and HP Series are heavy-duty, high-performance, horizontal measuring arms.They were specifically designed for on-line dimensional inspection of car bodies, subassemblies and similar metrology applications
Bravo-HD-thumbnail DEA BRAVO HD
The BRAVO HD excels at flexible and accurate dimensional inspection of thin-walled components like bodies-in-white, chassis, subassemblies, panels, car doors, dashboards, castings, structural aircraft, ship and railway components.