Environmental and Safety Policy

Quality Policy:

Hexagon Metrology, Inc. is committed to further improving our business process performance, thereby increasing the value we provide to our stakeholders. Management has developed and communicated throughout the organization a Management System Policy creating the framework required to do so. The overall objective of the Management System is summarized as follows:

Hexagon Metrology Inc.'s objective is to increase stakeholder value by:

  • Satisfying customer needs with the highest quality, most reliable products and calibration/test services, in our industry, on time.
  • Continually improving the effectiveness of our processes and ensuring personnel use good professional practices in their work.
  • Complying with all federal, state, and local regulations and legislation as well as International Standards requirements to which we subscribe.
  • Minimizing our environmental impact through pollution prevention and energy conservation.
  • Protecting stakeholder health, safety, and welfare.

Environmental Health and Safety Policy

The Environmental Health & Safety Management System (EH&SMS) is designed to cover safety, health and environmental aspects, which a facility can control and directly manage, and those it does not control or directly manage but can be expected to have an influence.

Therefore, Hexagon Metrology, Inc. is committed to the protection of the Environment Health & Safety (EH&S) of our employees. We support this commitment by striving to comply with relevant EH&S legislation, regulatory requirements, and policies appropriate to the nature and scale of activities, products and services of our business with regard to safety, health and environmental impacts. We have a continued commitment to the prevention of pollution through source reduction, material reuse, recycling, natural resource conservation programs and the improvement and prevention of pollution. We provide a framework for setting and reviewing our safety, health and environmental objectives and targets.

Hexagon Metrology, Inc. understands that protecting the health and safety of our employees and our environment, protects our families, customers, contractors, consumers and our community.

We have established the following general principles:

  • EH&SMS protection shall be an objective for every employee, a responsibility of our management, and a constant consideration in the engineering design, and production processes.
  • The EH&S policy shall be implemented, maintained and communicated to all employees and shall be available to the public and other interested third parties upon request.
  • EH&S objectives and targets shall be set and reviewed regularly.

Hexagon Metrology, Inc. is determined to distinguish itself as a leader in EH&S performance in the metrology industry. Our continued focus on activities to improve our EH&SMS will contribute to our competitive strength and shall ensure we achieve our goals of community leadership and responsible corporate citizenship.